Quotes Ros Casares vs. Nadezhda


Jordi Fernández, Ciudad Ros Casares Coach:
"We need to watch the game, but the players have had a perfect attitude. We defended as on other occasions, but the fact is we have not done a bad game. Now we need to forget this result, because we have a good situation in the EuroLeague."

Aldexander Ermolinski, Nadezhda Assistant Coach:
"We're happy with the final result, although we could not make many rotations, we have had success in attack and players like Rebekka Hammon or Tina Charles did a good game."

Cindy Lima, Ciudad Ros Casares Player:
"We're sad, but we still believe in us and we still aspired to win the tittle. We had more chances than Nadezhda to win the game, but they have had more luck."

Rebekka Hammon, Nadezhda Orenburg Player:
"Ciudad Ros Casares did a good second half, but we did a great job and has been one of our best games."


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