Quotes Sparta&K M. R. Vidnoje vs. Tarbes GB


Pokey Chatman, Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje coach:
"It was great to see our whole roster play good defense especially during two quarters. We are going to a good direction but we need a lot of work. I especially have to say ‘good work to Kuin, Petrovic and Korstin for holding Dublijevic to 8 points below her average."

Sonja Petrovic, Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje player:
"I have to compliment my teammates for a job well done. On a personal note I am happy to start feeling better and I am positive with some more hard work. In combination with all the support I have been getting from the entire Sparta&K organization I will be able to contribute more in our effort."

Alain Jardel, Tarbes coach:
"We are too weak to play against [teams like] Sparta&K. We really need to improve to compete in games like this. As they say in France ‘we were not invited'. I wish the best of luck to Sparta&K for the remaining of the season."

Erin Thorn, Tarbes player:
"They played well, we did not. It is as simple as that. Actually we made a good team [look] even better with the way we played. We had to come out fighting and we did not."


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