Quotes Rivas Ecópolis vs. Gospic Croatia


Gospic Croatia Head Coach Stipe Bralic:
"We played well against a team full of stars. Amaya Valdemoro is probably the best player in Europe and Dewanna Bonner is a WNBA star. We did better in the first and last quarter, especially offensively, but trouble came on defense, because they are a great offensive force."

Gospic Croatia player Michelle Maslowski:
"Rivas is a tough team to beat, especially when they play at home. We played hard but only at spurts, that´s our main problem. We need to be able to play the way we did at times for 40 minutes."

Rivas Head Coach Javier Fort:
"I´m happy because we now are in the Top 16 and that´s something to be proud of. I was worried about how we were going to face this game after winning the Cup and we did good. We were up by 25 points but they shot the ball well in the last quarter and cut the lead down to 10 points. "

Rivas player Anna Cruz:
"We know how important this game was and we stepped up. It was tough to break the tempo of the game but we finally played the way we are capable of and got this important win."


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