Quotes USO Mondeville vs. Good Angels Kosice


Hervé Coudray, head coach USO Mondeville:
"We were leading in the first quarter because of our defensive intensity. We controlled the game as we wanted to do. After the first quarter we became too soft in one on one situations and had less defensive intensity. We were unable to keep at the same level in defense as in the first quarter. We made the same mistakes that our opponents did in the first quarter. Kosice are a high-level opponent."

Lenae Williams, USO Mondeville player:
"We started well. We were concentrated in defense and we played smart in offense. [But] in the second quarter we forgot what we have to do and let them come back into the game."

Stefan Svitek, head coach Good Angels Kosice:
"We started the game poorly, especially in defense. We made a lot of mistakes and got beaten in all the duels but we started to defend better and the three-pointers allowed us to come back. In the second half we were initially in trouble against their zone but even if we didn't score we stayed in front because of our good defense."

Ivana Jalcova, Good Angels Kosice player:
"We were down by 12 in the first quarter. In the beginning of the second quarter we put a lot of energy to coming back into the game and step by step we managed that."


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