Quotes Ros Casares vs. Bourges Basket


Bourges Basket Head Coach Pierre Vicent:
"It had been a very hard match. In the end we lost, but I hope that in Bourges we can win and came back to Valencia another time"

Bourges Basket player Paoline Salagnac:
"I hope that in Bourges, we can win. Tonight we had our chances but in the end we lost"

Ciudad Ros Casares Head Coach Natalia Hejkov√°:
"I'm very satisfied with the team's play in defence and in offense, except in the start of the third quarter. It's the first step to achieve our goal"

Ciudad Ros Casares player Katie Douglas:
"I'm very tired, it has been a very physical match. We should play very concentrated in Bourges if we can win."


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