Quotes Wisla Can-Pack vs. Frisco Sika Brno

23 February 2010

Vlastimil Havlík, Frisco Sika Brno assistant coach:
"Congratulations to Wisla. We were the better team for three quarters but in the last one the Krakow team were excellent. Wisla was more agrresive and played quicker. They restricted McWilliams and blocked all good passes to her. Generally we were not able to execute our offenses. In defense we made a lot of mistakes."

Jose I. Hernandez, Wisla Can-Pack coach:
"I am very happy. But we need to win two games so although this is a very important win it is still only a first step.I would not like to come back to Krakow for a third game. We want to finish it in Brno."



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