Quotes MiZo Pécs 2010 vs. Gospic Croatia


MiZo Pecs 2010 player Anna VAJDA:
"I am so happy that this is our first home win in this season and we are among the 16 best teams in the ELW."

MiZo Pecs 2010 head coach Akos FUZY:
"We had got a big pressure but we played in very very high level. It was a really team work to helped us to this extra efficiency. I am very proud of my team."

Gospic Croatia head coach Stipe BRALIC:
"It was a very good game but unfortunetly one of our best player got five personal faults. At the end we were very tired and the Pecs increased the difference between the two teams.
Congratulations for the MiZo Pecs 2010."


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