Coaches Quotes: Avenida vs. Pecs

17 February 2009

Le´Coe Willingham, Avenida:

"We have a better chance now to play in the Final Four but we need to win one more game and beat Mizo Pecs, and it will be not easy. We have to play good and be focused next game."

Jose Ignacio Hernandez, Avenida Coach:

"It´s an important step to playing in the Final Four. We played great offense in the first and second quarter and great defense in the third and fourth quarter. Le Coe was the key today for us in our defense. Now we have a hard game in Pecs but we are very happy because our job in ELW is fantastic."

Akos Füzy, Mizo Pecs Coach:

"We played against a good team and against fantastic supporters but we hope that we can play better next game in Pecs with our fans."

Nicole Oldhe, Mizo Pecs player:

"We played in Salamanca and I knew the fans and the atmosphere is spectacular."

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