The Faurie Files: Final Four By The Numbers

20 March 2009

Between all the analyses, chats, interviews and features, let's take a minute to look at the numbers we might talk about when we arrive in Salamanca next month.

Who scores more? Who wins by the biggest margin? What was the usual difference of points in Final? We have all your answers right here.


This is the average point difference between the winners and the losers of the finals and semi-finals in the last three Final Fours. The closest was in 2006, when Samara topped Vilnius by two points in the semi-finals, while the biggest was Spartak's 15 point drubbing of Brno last year.


The worst placing by a Final Four team in either defensive or offensive rankings: Salamanca's defence is 12th amongst 24 teams.


Sopron is the best team at taking care of the ball. They turn it over just under 14 times (13.9) per game. Salamanca is just behind them at 15.9 per contest.


Average point difference in last three Finals (15, 14 and 14).


Spartak attempts 21.3 three-point shoots per game, hitting 41.3% of the time. Ekaterinburg shoots less (13.6 times) but is the most efficient team (44.5%). Salamanca and Sopron are both under 35% from distance.


The average margin by which Spartak and Ekaterinburg won their games. Do you think Russian giants copy from each other? The lowest is Salamanca whose average margin of victory of 1.7 points.


The weakest score of the four teams qualified for Final Four : Sopron lost 52-39 in Krakow in 8th Final.


Points allowed by Ekaterinburg, who have the best defence among the Final Four teams, they are second in EuroLeague Women behind Bourges.


Points scored by Spartak, the best offense of the Final Four and in EuroLeague Women overall.


The highest point total in a single game of the four teams qualified for the Final Four. Did we say that Russian giants copy (see paragraph 21,5)? We were right.  Spartak and Ekaterinburg made it 103, against Montpellier and Prague.

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