Quotes Maxima Broker Kosice vs Beretta Famila


Štefan Svitek (Maxima Broker head coach):

"We started the game well, we created a gap, which we then lost in a quarter. The decisive part was the few minutes before the end of the first half. With a wise game and good defense we then maintained the eleven points lead."

Anna Jurčenková (Maxima Broker center):

"We have showed a collective performance tonight. There was enough space for me under the basket and I managed to use it properly. In the final stage we also made a couple of mistakes, but we managed to survive them and we succeeded."

Sandro Orlando (Beretta Famila Schio head coach):

„We stand here with pride. We have had many problems in the last month, which was bad for us. Now, however, we train in good faith and the whole team is steadily improving. We could not think of winning here, Kosice played a great match. In particular, Cohen was a powerful weapon. I wish the Kosice team all the best."


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