Quotes Phard Napoli vs MKB Euroleasing


Norbert Székely, coach MKB Euroleasing:

"It has been a very important game. It's our first victory on a foreign court.

At the beginning, we suffered a lot from the man-to-man defense but after we changed and started controlling the rebounds, we gained the run that has permitted us to win."

Nino Molino, coach Phard Napoli:

"We started well, but then we made too many defensive mistakes, giving too much space most of all to Branzova and they took the advantage."

Sara Giauro, player Phard Napoli:

It has been a pity losing this game because we started well and with a great concentration but then we made a lot of mistakes.

The Sopron team also had a super Branzova."


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