BK Loko 56 vs. Bourges Basket 84


Trutnov weren't able to repeat on their recent good Euroleague performances against Sporting Athens and Dynamo Moscow and lost at home to three-time EuroLeague champions Bourges 56:84.

The course of the match was almost completely influenced by the crushing start by the more experienced Bourges - within barely a few minutes they had a 10:0 advantage.

Jana Stejskalová (right - Trutnov) and Bourges' Pauline Krawczyk
Although the Czech team did get closer - only 5 points behind in the first quarter, they would never endanger their rivals´ lead.  In the 15th minute Trutnov was only 6 points behind (21:27), however they weren´t able to capitalise on all the chances.

The visiting team killed any hopes by scoring for three points and from then on controlled the game.

"Bourges showed a perfectly organised defence. We kept the pace only in the first half. Coming to the end we ran out of the strength and the score was growing. What´s more, we were physically drained due to the barrage of three points scoring by Bourges“, says Zdenek Sýkora, head coach of Trutnov.

From the French team, which has played in the Final Four of European Cups seven times in the last 10 years, the main hero was Latvian sniper Aete Jekabson. She scored seven times for three points (from 11 attempts!). In total she had 27 points.

"We were effective in scoring. The home team played actively, with the support of their fans (although they were down early). We showed we had more experienced team", claimed Pierre Vincent , head coach of Bourges.


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