Quotes Delta ICP vs. BK Loko


Coach Vladimir Karnay (Delta):

"In the first half we played our game. The second half showed what female psyche is about. There was no player who was not nervous".

Slavka Frniakova (Delta):

"Finally we have won in the EuroLeague. There were good and bad moments. Trutnov put the hammer down in the second half and we wanted very much to win. It was also due to that fact that we were so nervous".

Coach Zdenek Sykora (Loko):

"The spectators saw a dramatic game. In the second half we got better, only a fraction more and we could have won".

Pavla Kuritkova (Loko):

"Until the break we performed badly. In the second half we were an equal rival to Delta, however we missed more luck".


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