Quotes US Valenciennes Olympic - Lotos VBW Clima Gdynia

18 April 2004

Laurent Buffard, Head Coach, Valenciennes:

"We played with great solidarity and this win is the fruit of our work together. We wanted to win because of the loss last year and we also lost to Gdynia in the qualifying round."

"We really imposed our system on the game and played some wonderful team basketball. The 30-point difference also allowed our young players to get some playing time at this level, which is very valuable."

"This win is the result of our defense and the work we have put in. We were able to find our rhythm and controlled the game. It is also true that Gdynia faced a more difficult game than us in the semi-final against Brno, and they lost some energy."

"This is a great moment for our club."

"In France there are 2 competitions that we have to win, the league and the cup. Is there anybody who can beat us? I don't know, maybe Tarbes who we will play next Wednesday.." 

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