Quotes MiZo Pecsi VSK - Valenciennes

16 April 2004

Laszlo Ratgeber, Head Coach, MiZo Pecs VSK:

"We lost our best shooter (Andrea Karolyi) 3 days ago and also Chantelle Anderson is out with an injury."

"I feel sorry because we dissapointed our supporters, but we fought until the end and did our best for our fans."

Allison Tranquilli, MiZo Pecs VSK:

"We will do whatever we can to fight for 3rd place because we owe this to our fans and we are happy they are here. We have to admit that USVO were the superior team.

Laurent Buffard, Head Coach, USVO:

"We know that in Pecs we have to win games with defense because the supporters are great. You need a big advantage before starting the 4th quarter and that is what we had today.

"We knew they were in bad position because their 2 best players are missing. We have been to the last 4 final fours and lost the last one so we are due a win."

"We trained the past 6 weeks on defense and improving because this is a game to be won on the inside.

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