Quotes Brno - Gdynia


Jan Bobrovsky, Head Coach, Gambrinus JME Brno:

"Very bad performances in the beginning of the second period were decisive in our defeat. Our pivots played very bad, Rankica Sarenac didnĀ“t shoot any point, Cintia Dos Santos only 2 and Alena Kovacova 7 points. We were not able to win the game with performances like these."

Krzysztof Koziorowicz, Head  Coach, Lotos VBW Clima Gdynia:

"We played very good in defense in the second period and had very good offensive rebounds. I was a little bit wondering when I read the result five minutes ago, because we played without our best player Malgorzata Dydek. It is a big success to win in Brno."


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