Quotes Gdynia - Lietuvos Telekomas


Algirdas Paulauskas, Head Coach, Lietuvos Telekomas:

"Guess, we gave a lot of excitement to the fans of both teams. I don't have a right to any
claims. We lost because we weren't cool in the end. Margo Dydek had the
biggest influence on the final result, and in my opinion it was also her
fault we lost in Gdynia."

Krysztof Koziorowicz, Head Coach, Lotos VBW Clima:

"I' m amazed by the good attitude of both centers. Baranauskaite almost didn't miss a shot today and it was impossible to stop her. We gained a big lead in the end, but didn't
manage to keep it. It cost us a nervous finish. This is how basketball games
look like, so I don't complain about it. "


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