Euroleasing-Orsi Sopron 44 UMMC Ekaterinburg 62

10 December 2003

The fans came to the gym early, what is to be expected when a world-class team comes to town. Ekaterinburg arrived only with 9 players, but these were 9 famous basketball stars.

Ekaterinburg controlled the game from the first minute. They allowed Sopron no space or even air to breathe. The home team had to fight for every shooting possibility, whereas the Ekaterinburg side was able to find and take shots from everywhere on the court. Additionally, after 10 minutes, the visitors had already clocked up 17 rebounds, compared to Sopron's 5.

In the 2nd quarter the home team played with a little more faith in their own abilities. Sopron's Russian center, Oxana Zakalyuzhnaya grabbed more rebounds and put in some good shot offensively, however it still wasnt enough to pull closer.
After the half-time break Sopron tried everything, and come closer step by step with the help of Gordana Kovacevic's scoring abilities. But it appeared that she was the only Sopron player who thought that her side had a chance to win against the Russian all-star team, as the younger Hungarian players played very timidly. In the last quarter Ekaterinburg stepped up their aggressivity once more and showed the necessary determination to take the win.
Both teams showed very good defense, but it was in offense where Ekaterinburg shone brighter, their stars giving no chance to Sopron.
Game MVP - Yolanda Griffith (UMMC Ekaterinburg)

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