USK Blex KV 42 Bourges Basket 57


20031217_usk_Blex_Bourges 2.jpg
Ivana Matovic takes 2 free throws
The EuroLeague Women teams playing in Prague produced a very balanced game today; both teams were better at defense than at offence. Bourges scored 10 more points than USK Blex in the first quarter and were able to keep this advantage right through until the end of the game.

Although the Czech team managed to decrease the their opponents' lead several times, they failed to score from the easiest positions in the decisive moments. This situation repeated itself again in the last quarter as USK decreased the advantage of the French team down to 8 points five minutes before the end of the game. The team from Prague got the ball and went for a break, however, they didn’t score and Alicia Poto used the following counterattack for returning peace to the French team. Bourges was able to control the game at the end of the match and was also add few more points to the gap.

MVP of the game: Ivana Matovic (USK Blex KV Praha)


Euroleasing-Orsi Sopron 95 USK Blex KV Prague 4811.02.2004
Carichieti 73 - USK Blex Praha 6705.02.2004
USK Blex Praha 76 MBK Ruzomberok 4628.01.2004
UMMC 76 USK Blex KV 4621.01.2004
USK Blex Prague 54 Pays D‘Aix Basket 7814.01.2004
USK Blex KV Praha 57 Euroleasing-Orsi Sopron 8703.12.2003
USK Blex KV 61 CUS Chieti 5726.11.2003

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