USK Blex Prague 54 Pays D‘Aix Basket 78


2004_01_14_USK_Aix 1.jpg
Lara Mandic (Aix) hit 7/8 from the line
Pays D‘Aix won for the sixth time due to its excellent performance in the second half. The first 20 minutes both teams played on an equal level and tied the game at the break (31-31).

USK had the better start and scored the first points of the second half. However this hit was the last one for a long time.

Aix was successful in the second half mainly due to its full court press.

They forced the Czechs to many mistakes and Aix knew well how to use them. The home team was losing 44-57 before the last quarter and couldn‘t do much but risk everything.

The team from Prague wasn‘t very successful with its full court press though and Aix even increased their advantage in the last quarter.

With a 21-10 run in the final period the French took a big step to stay in striking distance with the group leaders from Ekaterinburg, Barcelona and Bourges. 


Euroleasing-Orsi Sopron 95 USK Blex KV Prague 4811.02.2004
Carichieti 73 - USK Blex Praha 6705.02.2004
USK Blex Praha 76 MBK Ruzomberok 4628.01.2004
UMMC 76 USK Blex KV 4621.01.2004
USK Blex KV 42 Bourges Basket 5717.12.2003
USK Blex KV Praha 57 Euroleasing-Orsi Sopron 8703.12.2003
USK Blex KV 61 CUS Chieti 5726.11.2003

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