Euroleasing-Orsi Sopron 95 USK Blex KV Prague 48


One of the rare occasions USK Blex KV got a shot off against an excellent Sopron defense.

Before the game against USK Blex KV Prague everybody in Sopron knew that a victory was needed for the Hungarians to go through to the playoffs. And they would not disappoint.

The first few minutes were tied, but later in the first period Sopron took control of the game. They played very well especially on defense using a lot of steals to score quickly.

After 12 minutes played the Hungarians already led by 20 points. Prague tried everything, but couldn’t find the key to crack the Sopron defense. The hosts' offense was splendid too, as they scored easily and put in some beautiful baskets. At the half the game was already out of reach for the Czech team (60-23).

The match was on a high level also in the second half and Sopron's coach Natalia Hejkova used the opportunity to put in all of her players.

In the final period Sopron only had their young Hungarian players on the court and still increased the lead.

The victory came easily for Euroleasing-Orsi and all of the players along with the staff had more to cheer about as they heard the result of the game between Bourges and Barcelona.

Bourges won, and so Sopron advance to the playoffs with a new club record in the ELW (9-5).

MVP of the game: Eva Seres (Sopron) with 17 points and 5 assists.


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