MIZO-Pecsi VSK 69 - Gambrinus Brno 59


MIZO-Pecsi VSK finally clinched the 3rd spot in Group B of the Euroleague Women. They had to play without the two starter centers Chantelle Andersen and Albena Branzova for weeks.

Andersen has still been sidelined with an injury, but at least Branzova could return to the court. She scored 10 points and that was exactly the difference of the final score 69-59.
Except within the first few minutes, MIZO-Pecsi VSK was the team who played the better basketball. In the first quarter the Australian Allison Tranquilli scored 10 of her 17 points of the evening for Pecs. On the other side was Vecerova who kept alive the Czech hopes in this period of the game. At the end, the score was 21 - 14.

Playing with a small five and with all three centers, Sarenac, Kovacoca and Cintia on the bench, Gambrinus Brno tried to make the game faster and came close at half-time: 37-32.
The beginning of the third quarter was very similar to the beginning of the first one. The visitors could narrow the gap to just two points, 39-37 after 23 minutes. That was the moment when the 5.500 home fans started to push their favorites even harder than before and Ratgeber's team never looked back.

It was 55-42 after 30 minutes and 69-54 one minute before the end of the game. The only thing that mattered now was the final score of the game between USVO and Ros Cacares Valencia. With a Spanish victory, the Hungarians were first, and with a French victory, they were third.

Eventually Pecs reached the third place and will in the quarter-finals now face Bourges Basket in a rematch of last year's contest.
MVP of the game: Allison Tranquilli (MIZO-Pecsi VSK)


MiZo Pecs VSK 69 Gambrinus JME Brno 6518.04.2004
MiZo-Pecsi VSK 53 US Valenciennes Olympic 7516.04.2004
MiZo Pecs 85 Bourges 8405.03.2004
Bourges Basket 58 MiZo Pécsi VSK 6202.03.2004
MiZo-Pécsi VSK 79 Ros Casares Valencia 5629.01.2004
MiZo-Pecsi VSK 63 Lietuvos Telekomas Vilnius 5622.01.2004
Lavezzini Parma 78 MiZo-Pecsi VSK 7714.01.2004

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