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17 September 2013
Ivars Rihards Zvigurs  - Winner of Riga Dunk Contest
Ivars Zvigurs of Latvia is expected to be a big star of the dunk contest at half-time, as well as in the game itself

This Saturday in Stozice Arena at midday - home of the final round of EuroBasket 2013, 24 of the best U18 players in Europe will be displaying their skills in the 2013 edition of the U18 All Star Game.

Participants from 18 countries are expected to take part in the game, which brings together the most talented European players from '95 or after and has become a traditional fixture during the finals weekend of EuroBasket.

Entrance to the game is free, but those who can not attend can watch it live on

Amongst the 24 participants in this year's event are the MVP from the 2013 U18 European Championship Division C tournament, and the All Tournament team from the 2013 U18 European Championship Division B.

The remainder of the players appeared at the U18 European Championship in Latvia and were selected by FIBA Europe internal experts and coaches associated with the FIBA Europe Coaching Certificate (FECC) programme, led by legendary European coach and FECC mentor Svetislav Pesic.

The teams, who will be coached from the top four graduates of the FECC class of 2013, will be divided into two teams - blue and white.

A dunk contest featuring players involved in the game will also take place at half-time.


21.09.2013 - EUROBASKET 2013
21.09.2013 - EUROBASKET 2013
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