Netherlands Edge Norway, Stay Perfect

08 August 2010
7. Kaj van Hoorn (Netherlands)
Kaj van Hoorn and his teammates got themselves another win in a defensive minded match against Norway

Day 3 of the U16 European Championship Division B saw only five teams remain perfect while six are still seeking for their debut win before it'll be too late.

In Group A Ukraine and Switzerland wrote close wins while Sweden still look for their first win in the games.

Ukraine is on a good run and stand after three days on a perfect three wins record this time a 69-62 over Sweden who dropped to 0-3. Danylo Zuikov with 18 and Volodymyr Gerun with just a point less led Ukraine while Nicholas Spires had 19 points and 16 rebounds for his side.

The Swiss team jumped to 2-1 and dropped Portugal to 2-2 to clinch a place in the next round with a 57-54 win. Richard McAllister hit 18 points and added 10 rebounds and six assists for the winners while Diogo Ventura topped the list of Portugal with 14 points. Clint N'Dumba-Capela missed three shots from the foul line in the closing seconds to seal the deal, but saw Ventura fail to connect a three pointer to force overtime at the other side.

The action in Group B continues as the Czech Republic take a 3-0 balance while Ireland celebrated a win against Belarus.

The Czechs are rolling well this time with a 77-53 victory over England to stay unbeaten and drop the English team to 1-1. England scored only 18 points in the second half which allowed their rivals to reach the 24 point gap at the final buzzer. Adam Pechacek led a balanced effort by his Czech team when he scored 14 to be the first among four players in double-digits. Joshua Ward-Hibbert was the top performer for England with 21 points and 11 rebounds.

Ireland celebrated a debut win to go 1-1 behind a 67-58 score against Belarus who dropped to 0-3. Belarus didn't score a point in the last 5:41 minutes as the Irish ran 11-0 to win the game. Luke Thompson reached 18 for the winners while Anton Vashkevich collected the same amount for the other side.

Georgia are the big winners in Group C so far after winning another overtime by a single point for the second day in a row while Luxembourg remain perfect after their game with Belgium.

After their one point overtime win over Belgium yesterday it didn't seem likely Georgia will go through the same scenario but Slovenia suffered the same experience and lost 70-69 as Beka Burjanadze hit 21 points and added 17 rebounds for the winners and Aleksej Nikolic scored 14 for the unfortunate losers. Georgia are still perfect with a 3-0 record while Slovenia dropped to 1-1.

Luxembourg are perfect as well, just with a 2-0 record for now, after shocking their neighbours from Belgium 78-73 as Bob Melcher once again shone, this time with 19 points while Belgium lost their third game in a row and saw 17 points by Naim El Khounchar and Sam Hemeleers.

After three wins in a row Netherlands were upset by the hosts who kept their chance of advancing very much alive. Styv Solovjov led the Baltic outfit with 13 points alongside his 7 rebounds and 4 steals, while Shane Hammink was the topcorer of the game with 14 points for the losers who will sit out tomorrow and watch the other teams setting up a potential three team tie that would see Netherlands and Estonia advancing and Hungary being the odd man out.

Finland blew out Norway 88-57 in a game of two previously winless teams that had no chance of reaching the nbext roundbefore the game. Johnny Laakkonen was the best performer in the game with 19 points and 9 rebounds.


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