Koloskov – EuroLeague Women Has Helped Us

31 March 2010
Vladimir Koloskov
Veteran coach Vladimir Koloskov praises the experience gained in the 2009 EuroLeague Women season

Nadezhda coach Vladimir Koloskov believes his team's EuroLeague Women struggles in 2008-09 have paid dividends one year later.

The Orenburg club suffered a couple of narrow defeats at the start of last season's competition and ended up winning just two of its 10 games, but the players logged a lot of minutes in the toughest competition in Europe.

The games in the EuroLeague have helped us draw correct conclusions for the coming season," he said to FIBA Europe.

"Though our team has had negative results, having gained only two victories, it received deserved a praise from many coaches and players.

"As we see at present, the participation in the EuroLeague has positively affected our team. Those players who played in the last Euro season received great experience and now play with more confidence."


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