Sixteenth-Finals Pairings Determined

24 November 2005

With the last games of the Preliminary Round being concluded today, the pairings of the Sixteenth-Finals are determined.

Out of the 47 clubs in the Preliminary Round the two best placed teams from each of the 12 groups qualify alongside the 8 best third-placed teams.

Third-placed teams qualified

The overall ranking of the third-placed teams is based on the following criteria:

  • Win/Loss record (games won devided by games played)
  • Goal average (points scored devided by points against)
  • Higher number of points scored

This results in the following ranking, the qulified teams are highlighted:

 GroupTeamPlWLPerc.Points ForPoints AgainstGoal Avg.
1BSibenik Jolly JBS (CRO)64266.7%4364061.0739
2ICajaCanarias (ESP)63350.0%4353701.1757
3FFenerbahce SK Istanbul (TUR)63350.0%4834331.1155
4JAcis Incosa Leon (ESP)63350.0%4073751.0853
5EKastoria CAC (GRE)63350.0%4564401.0364
6DDKSK Miskolc (HUN)63350.0%4184091.0220
7LSCAB 63 (FRA)63350.0%3864170.9257
8ABSE ESMA Budapest (HUN)62433.3%4514331.0416
9KHondarribia - Irun (ESP)62433.3%4084041.0099
10GWBC Kimico Struga (MKD)62433.3%4464461.0000
11CSzeviép Szeged (HUN)62433.3%3994180.9545
12HZKK Vojvodina Nis-Gas (SCG)41325.0%2593000.8633



The pairings of the Sixteenth-Finals are determined by an overall ranking of all 32 qualified teams with their respective Preliminary Round records, with the highest ranked team playing number e.g. 1 vs 32, 2 vs 31, 3 vs 30 and so on.

The ranking is based on the same criteria as for the third placed teams, i.e. win/loss-percentage, goal average and higher number of points scored. The rank in the respective group is irrelevant.

The ranking is:

 GroupTeamPlWLPerc.Points ForPoints AgainstGoal Avg.
1GAnda Ramat Hasharon (ISR)660100.0%5182871.8049
2AMBK Ruzomberok (SVK)660100.0%5033671.3706
3DNadezhda (RUS)660100.0%5003951.2658
4EBesiktas Colaturka Istanbul (TUR)660100.0%4844121.1748
5LHalcon Avenida Salamanca (ESP)65183.3%4263331.2793
6CGospic Croatia Osiguranje (CRO)65183.3%4774061.1749
7IPolisportiva Ares Ribera (ITA)65183.3%4113541.1610
8FSpartak Moscow Region (RUS)65183.3%4464011.1122
9KTarbes Gespe Bigorre (FRA)65183.3%4604181.1005
10HBC Chevakata (RUS)43175.0%2972851.0421
11IPays d'Aix Basket 13 (FRA)64266.7%4793521.3608
12GMersin Büyüksehir Belediye (TUR)64266.7%4603781.2169
13JESB Lille Metropole (FRA)64266.7%4253721.1425
14BDynamo Kursk (RUS)64266.7%4433911.1330
15ATSV 1880 Wasserburg (GER)64266.7%4824341.1106
16BZala Volán ZTE (HUN)64266.7%4384021.0896
17JLavezzini Parma (ITA)64266.7%4544171.0887
18LCoconuda Maddaloni (ITA)64266.7%4163861.0777
19BSibenik Jolly JBS (CRO)64266.7%4364061.0739
20FKK Hemofarm Vrsac (SCG)64266.7%4434341.0207
21KH.S. Penta Faenza (ITA)64266.7%4194161.0072
22CArvi Marijampole (LTU)64266.7%4304281.0047
23ICajaCanarias (ESP)63350.0%4353701.1757
24FFenerbahce SK Istanbul (TUR)63350.0%4834331.1155
25HCeyhan Belediyespor (TUR)42250.0%2992701.1074
26JAcis Incosa Leon (ESP)63350.0%4073751.0853
27EKozachka-Zalk Zaporozhye (UKR)63350.0%4284041.0594
28EKastoria CAC (GRE)63350.0%4564401.0364
29DZKK Croatia Zagreb (CRO)63350.0%4524391.0296
30DDKSK Miskolc (HUN)63350.0%4184091.0220
31LSCAB 63 (FRA)63350.0%3864170.9257
32ABSE ESMA Budapest (HUN)62433.3%4514331.0416


The games of the Sixteenth-Finals are played over two-legs (home and away).

The team with the better aggregate score (both scores added together) advance to the Eighth-Finals. It is possible that one of these games can finish in a tie.

The pairings are:

Anda Ramat Hasharon (ISR)vsBSE ESMA Budapest (HUN)
MBK Ruzomberok (SVK)vsSCAB 63 (FRA)
Nadezhda (RUS)vsDKSK Miskolc (HUN)
Besiktas Colaturka Istanbul (TUR)vsZKK Croatia Zagreb (CRO)
Halcon Avenida Salamanca (ESP)vsKastoria CAC (GRE)
Gospic Croatia Osiguranje (CRO)vsKozachka-Zalk Zaporozhye (UKR)
Polisportiva Ares Ribera (ITA)vsAcis Incosa Leon (ESP)
Spartak Moscow Region (RUS)vsCeyhan Belediyespor (TUR)
Tarbes Gespe Bigorre (FRA)vsFenerbahce SK Istanbul (TUR)
BC Chevakata (RUS)vsCajaCanarias (ESP)
Pays d'Aix Basket 13 (FRA)vsArvi Marijampole (LTU)
Mersin Büyüksehir Belediye (TUR)vsH.S. Penta Faenza (ITA)
ESB Lille Metropole (FRA)vsKK Hemofarm Vrsac (SCG)
Dynamo Kursk (RUS)vsSibenik Jolly JBS (CRO)
TSV 1880 Wasserburg (GER)vsCoconuda Maddaloni (ITA)
Zala Volán ZTE (HUN)vsLavezzini Parma (ITA)

All games are played between 8th and 15th December 2005, with the higher ranked team having home-court advantage in the second leg.



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