USK Blex Prague 57 vs. DKSK Miskolc 74

22 December 2004

USK Blex Prague gave their fans a night to remember. The Czech side showed the worst performance of this season and lost its first game in the FIBA Europe Cup.

Thanks to the 24-point win in the first game, however, USK Prague qualified to the next round.

It was clear from the very first moments that something is wrong with the home team. They didn’t play the way everybody knows them. USK didn't find their rhythm and Miskolc took the lead from the beginning of the game.

The Czech side was not able to score even from the easiest positions, which was the main reason why the Hungarians collected a bigger and bigger lead, up to the 17 points lead at the end of the first half.

In the third quarter saw two equal teams.

USK started to play better in defense, however Prague was not able to really cut down Miskolc's lead.

Both teams found themselves under big pressure in the final querter, as it was a do or die situation. USK handled this situation better and controlled the score until the end of the match.

“We didn’t do well tonight,” said USK coach Lubor Blazek.

“Maybe we thought that the 24 point lead from the first game was enough and that was why we were not as concentrated as usual. I think we will learn a lot from this game."

MVP of the game: Andrea Gardner, DKSK Miskolc (17 points, 13 rebounds)

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