FIBA Europe Cup Women Pan-European Play-Off Pairings Complete

11 February 2005

Following the completion of the FIBA Europe Cup Women Conference Final Fours, the eight remaining teams have been drawn into pairings for the Pan-European play-offs.

The draw was conducted on Friday 11th January in the offices of FIBA Europe under the supervision of Executive Director Nar Zanolin, Sports Director Kosta Iliev, Office Manager Regina Hlavacek and Legal Advisor Frank Oschütz.

The draw was conducted with the principle that no teams from the same conference should play each other in the play-offs, and all teams were seeded according to their results in the Conference Final Fours.

The result of the draw is as follows:

Faenza Faience Pallacanestro (ITA) vs. ZKK Croatia Zagreb (CRO)
Anda Ramat Hasharon (ISR) vs. Szeviép Szeged (HUN)
Sibenik Jolly JBS (CRO) vs. Phard Napoli Basket (ITA)
Nadezhda (RUS) vs. Fenerbahce SK Istanbul (TUR)

The pan-European play-offs will be played on 24th February and 3rd March 2005 in a home and away format.

The winners of each series will qualify for the pan-European Final Four, which will take place on 2nd and 3rd April in a venue yet to be determined.

A full schedule can be found here.

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