Quotes Kayseri Kaskispor vs. Dynamo Kursk

15 March 2012

Dynamo Kursk Head Coach Alfredas Vainauskas
"We had a very hard schedule in the last 14 days. We had Russian league games, Russian cup games and the Eurocup final game. So we are tired and our condition is bad. But we have the second game in Kursk."

Kayseri Kaskispor Head Coach Ayhan Avci
"First of all I'm happy to win this game against a team that was undefeated until this day. For the point difference, I don't want to say something because it could be more than 14 but we didn't use the last possessions well. We won the first half of this game but we have the second in Kursk. I congratulate Kursk because they are a really good team. After this Kayseri will be in a really good position in Europe with these fans and with this awesome gym. I would like to thank all of our fans, there were 10.000 people in here."

Dynamo Kursk player Natalia Vodopyanova
"The game was really hard and also the fans are really good in here. We played badly and the game finished with a 14-point deficit, but we have a chance in the second game."

Kayseri Kaskispor player Tuğçe Canbaz
"We won the first half but we want to win the second game. We don't care about the point difference, we want to win. They had two wins against us. We took revenge for the first and now it's time to get the second."


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