Quotes USO Mondeville vs. Botas


USO Mondeville Head Coach Hervé Coudray
"At the beginning, we didn't believe in it. They are very strong inside, we managed to increase the tempo and we won. 11 points is not a lot in Turkey, it's going to be hard.
The crowd was amazing. All the players played well, it's a team victory. They have three very good players and even though we had a deficit of 11 points, we believed in the win and we managed to do it."

USO Mondeville player Ingrid Tanqueray
"The first half was hard and intense. We had six points less after a bad start. It was still possible, slowly we came back and we won. Everybody was involved and it's a team victory.
I didn't play well but I scored the last important shots. The next game is going to be hard."


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