Quotes SISU vs. BBC Sint-Katelijne-Waver


SISU head coach Hrannar Holm:
"This has been fantastic for us, to learn, to gain experience and to see where we are at this level. I believe this was the best game we have played since I began coaching SISU. Today was the single most important game for us this season; it's like winning a cup."

Sint-Katelijne-Waver head coach Arvid Diels:
"This is our second year in the EuroCup and we haven't been able to win on the road; it's very disappointing. We met a SISU team that was up for it. It was a shock to go in to halftime down by 2 points, after a 11-0 run. We simply were not able to follow our game plan. We have a few injured players, and we just do not have the bench strength to pull in and change the game. OK, we're young, but we made bad passes, didn't shoot well from a distance, not good enough."

SISU player Stephanie Madden:
"I left everything on the floor tonight, I love it, I live for this! I don't know really, it was like a trigger; we were down and I just didn't want to lose this one."

SISU player Julie Kongeskov:
"We were pumped up, but we just had to stay focused, the coach made it clear."



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