Quotes Nantes vs. Saarlouis


Laurent Buffard, Nantes Rezé head coach:
"The game was tense for the 40 minutes. Saarrlouis is a difficult team to play against as the team is experienced and have a slow but efficient offense. Had they produced a better three-point percentage they could have become very dangerous. We are happy with the points difference in the end, it is important to us. Our three-point range gave us some space, which was critical in our victory."

Mame Marie Sy Diop, Nantes Rezé player:
"It is good to win by 20 points difference and with style. We won and had a lot of fun."

Rene Spandauw, Saarlouis head coach:
"During the first three quarters we played better than I would have thought. The last quarter was more difficult and Nantes Reze punished us. We got to be realistic, with a budget of 300,000 euro and three of our main players from last year out, we have to train new young players. This makes our defeat against such a physical team a logical outcome."





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