Quotes Dynamo vs. Petrolina AEK


Sergey Schepotkin, Head coach Dynamo Moscow:
"In the first our game against AEK there was a huge win. So today we tried to stay concentrated all 40 minutes. We did some substitutions to keep a high speed on the court. We gave a chance to our young players to show their best."

Anastasia Pimenova, Dynamo Moscow:
"It always tough to play against such teams when the difference is so high. They didn't know what to do and so did we. We trained our local tasks in this game."

Nikolina Kouzi, Head coach AEK Larnaca:
"We are very young team. Very few players are professionals. I'm pleased with their efforts on the court. It was hard for our team to adjust and play well. I'd like to congratulate Dynamo-Moscow for a good team the have. I think they can go to the Final Four."

Zoi Athanasiou, AEK Larnaca:
"We've seen this team before and we knew what's going on. The difference between our teams is obvious. We tried to make fun and we had fun. We enjoyed the game, everyone enjoyed the game. I want to thank my teammates and my coach for such a good job."


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