Quotes Minsk-2006 vs. Dynamo


Dynamo Head Coach Sergey Schepotkin:
"It was a hard fought game for us. Minsk looked a lot better than during our first game in Moscow. But we were stronger in critical moments."

Minsk-2006 Head Coach Sergey Svetnik:
"We were ready for a very hard fought match. Dynamo is a team with great experience and previous matches show their potential. As for us we made a lot of mistakes and lost a lot of rebounds.

Brook Queenan, "Minsk-2006":
"It would have been good to win this match for us. The game in Moscow was one of our first matches and now we became stronger. But it was not enough to win."

Natallia Marchanka, "Dynamo":
"We won on defense. It was critical for the win."


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