Quotes Dynamo vs. Minsk-2006


Sergey Schepotkin, Dynamo Moscow Head Coach:
"It is already a tradition. We play hard with Belorussian teams. I am upset by my player's defence. I think, they were nervous, because it's our first game in EuroCup this year. We have a lot of work to do."

Marina Kuzina, Dynamo Moscow center:
"It was physically tough game. There were a lot of mistakes. I think it was our worst game of all season, because we played very bad defence. We will work hard to improve our game."

Sergey Svetnik, Minsk-2006 Head Coach:
"It was our debut in EuroCup. We never ever played in this tournament. We are a new team. A lot of players are newcomers, so we need time to play better."

Galina Ignatovich Minsk-2006 captain:
"We tried to win, but we didn't achieve it. We missed a lot of our shots. I think in Minsk it will be a different game."


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