Sokolovsky - No Time To Relax


EuroCup Women

Of all the first-leg results in the EuroCup Women Eight-Finals, the most surprising may have been the margin of Dynamo-GUVD's victory over BC Horizont in Novosibirsk on Thursday night.

Dynamo, who are led by Russia's national team coach Boris Sokolovsky, claimed an 83-66 win.

One player that had Sokolovsky smiling was Ksenia Bolsunovskaya, the team captain.

The 28-year-old has been hurt this season and is only getting back to full fitness.

The shooting guard played 31 minutes against Horizont.

"She had her third match after the injury and with every game, she gains more and more confidence," Sokolovsky said.

"She operates efficiently."

Sokolovsky also coached against the man that led Belarus to an upset of his Russia national team last year in the FIBA World Championship Quarter-Finals.

Anatoli Buyalski is the coach of both Belarus, and Horizont.

Sokolovsky knows his opponent won't be thinking that a 17-point deficit is insurmountable.

"I'm happy with the win, but this is a cup match and the winner is determined by the sum of two games," Sokolovsky said.

Overall, the Dynamo-GUVD boss felt his players had done well.

"We were confronted by a very disciplined, well-organized team, which has a defensive style," he said.

"The task of the guests was to impose on us a sticky defense to reduce the number of our attacks.

"In many parts of the game, we played well and showed our game, but not always.

"The visitors took apart some features of our game to defend and attack, and they managed to shut down our leaders."

Sokolovsky says there is definitely one area in which his players can get better.

" I am not happy with the way we fought for the rebounds," he said.

"My players lost concentration and allowed the opponents to take a number of rebounds on our boards."


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