Quotes Olivais Coimbra vs. Gran Canaria


Olivais Coimbra head coach José Araújo:
"We knew Canarias were playing better, they are a good team and we have a lot of problems in the beginning. The first quarter was bad but we have to keep working because there are two more games and everything can happen still. We are going to try and win the next game, despite being away and against a good team. Our team is progressing and I'm sure we will do a lot of good things in the future." 

Ana Catarina Rodrigues, Olivais Coimbra player:
"It was a tough game as we expected. We didn't start very well but we have to raise our heads and win the next two games so we can go to the next phase." 

Martín Domingos Diáz, Gran Canaria head coach:
"We entered very well in the game and we managed to have a good lead since the beginning which made everything simpler. Olivais played very well in the first game but now we started very strong and everything was more difficult for them."

Morgan Warburton, Gran Canaria player:
"Our team was ready for this game. We knew Olivais have good players, especially good shooters but we started very well. We accomplished our goal and we try now to use these games to improve our skills. We are getting stronger and this will also help us in the domestic league." 


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