Quotes Chevakata vs. ZKK Hemofarm Vrsac


Boris Sokolovsky, Head Coach of Chevakata:

"It is already our second match when we have to make up for the lost initiative during the game. But this one was more serious and difficult. This time "Hemofarm" came with a different mood not like in the previous season when we played against them in 1/16-finals and won. They wanted to gain revenge. We played bad in defence today and during the game had to correct some mistakes to change it and win. But in Vrsac we will have a very difficult game."

Marina Maljkovic, Head Coach of Hemofarm:

"I try to teach my players that the game lasts 40 minutes, not 10 or 20. In the beginning of the game some players have received injuries, and we came only with 11 players. So there were only nine players. This is the main reason why we have lost today. We played very well in the 1st half, especially in the 1st quarter. But we couldn't do the same in the rest part of the game. "Chevakata" is a very talented, good team. Anyhow, we are going to make conclusions and win in Vrsac."


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