Electra Ramat Hasharon vs. Botas Spor Quotes


Botas Spor coach Yildizoglu Leyhun:

"First of all, after we lost to Electra at home by 20 points we came here to win."

"We believed in ourselves and in our young players because we knew that even though we are young and have little experience, we have a lot of talent."

"What we kept thinking was that with good defensive pressure and passion we can win. The first half was very good for us but we couldn’t keep it up in the second half due to exhausted and tired players."


Electra Ramat Hasharon coach Orna Ostfeld:

"I didn’t believe we could make it in the first half. My team played bad and they (Botas) had great percentages. We weren’t aggressive enough and we weren’t able to create on offense."

"An amazing awakening in the third quarter led to very good shooting percentage and we stopped Botas Spor who only scored 13 points compared with 30 points from our side."

"This was a very important win for us here in our own home which put us in the first place within our group holding a perfect 4-0 record."


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