BG Dorsten 76 DKSK Miskolc 67


Dorsten took revenge for the loss away game in Miskolc a few weeks ago and celebrated a basketball party together with 700 fans tonight, winning 76-67.

Edmarie Lumbsley (BG Dorsten)
Nikki Johnson opened the game with a three-pointer. It took a few minutes until Miskolc Brankica Hadzovic brought her team to a first lead by two successful free throws (5-6). Now both teams fought from point to point and the first period ended 20-17 in favour of Dorsten. Both teams went on playing very hard defence. Dorsten’s Svetlana Martynova got hot and hit each shot she took. But on defence side Dorsten made some stupid mistakes and let Miskolc scored too easy points under the basket. Nevertheless Martynova kept on being unstoppable and Dorsten was able to pull away from their Hungarian opponents. At halftime, the Germans lead was much more reassured (43-32).

In the second half Miskolc came back with harder defence but they could not stop the hosts legally. Edit Eördögh and Agne Abromaite of Miskolc soon got into foul trouble, both committed their fourth foul each. Four scoreless minutes showed how intense the game was played especially in the defence on both sides. Miskolc didn’t manage to close up to their hosts and after the third period Dorsten was still in the lead (57-47).

In the last ten minutes Edit Eördögh finally started to score. She used every possibility to shoot from distance range as soon as Dorsten’s defence gave her too much space. Nevertheless the Hungarians weren’t able to put more pressure on the German team. One of the main reasons was Dorothea Richter who now made the big points for her team. Not even foul problems by Nikki Johnson and Svetlana Martynova could hold Dorsten away from the victory.

Game-MVP: Svetlana Martynova and Dorothea Richter


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