Quotes Delta I.C.P. - Italsoft Reyer

11 December 2003

Vladimir Karnay, Head Coach, Delta ICP:

"We have seen a great and exciting game tonight, but just like in the first quarter, we failed to keep the pace with our opponent in the overtime. That was crucial for the final result. We expected a strong play from Hall, Melain and Santos, but we were suprised with performance of the other Italian players. I'm certain that the home audience enjoyed the match."

Hana Jendrichovska, Delta ICP:

"The Italians gained lots of rebounds. It was thrilling game with a fantastic audience."

Stefano Michelini, Head Coach, Italsoft Reyer Venezia:

"It was for sure a great match in a great country. We didn't knew Delta's play and they played great. I'm looking forward to the home match against Delta, it's certainly going to be as exciting as this one."

Vicky Hall, Italsoft Reyer Venezia:

"Exciting match with a great atmosphere, Delta confirmed their strength."


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