Quotes Armia vs. BG Göttingen

08 November 2011

BC Armia Head Coach Kote Tughushi:
"The game was very intense, as expected. We had a very strong opponent team, the German Göttingen. Many said that the team was not in good shape and did not have good results in the German league, but the level of the European field is quite different and they were very motivated today and it was not a surprise for us. I can't say that we showed our best play today. We had many mistakes but we'll do our best to improve all this for the next games."

Göttingen Head Coach Stefan Mienack:
"I think Armia have a very good team and great shooters. They made some tough shots, especially Gaines and Richardson. They rebound better than us and that's made a difference in the game. We tried to play for every point. It was a great match and great atmosphere. I think right now nobody knows who will be the winner in the group. It is just the first round, after the first round you can see which team might be up in the group."

BC Armia player Sundiata Gaines:
"I think today was a good game. Other games will be harder. The opponents played a good game. This is our first game and first real test. We played against a good, tough team and this is very good learning experience for us. I think we have great chances, we have a good team. We will work hard and we'll get better and better."

Göttingen player Paris Horne:
"I think it was a great game. We wanted to win the game but our hosts were better in rebounds and it was crucial for the final result."


08.11.2011 - EUROCHALLENGE

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