More Final Four Facts

20 April 2008
By Yarone Arbel

On Sunday in Cyprus either Barons Riga or Dexia Mons Hainaut will be crowned EuroCup Champion 2008 and whomever comes out on top it will be a historic win.

A Belgian team has never won a European Cup and for fans in Latvia it's been a long wait after ASK Riga won a title in the 1960's

Times running out on the Final Four so before we go here are a few more fun facts about the four participants.  

  • The tallest team in the Final Four is Tartu Rock. Their average height reaches 199.5cm.
  • The shortest team in the Final Four is Dexia Mons-Hainaut. Their average height reaches only 194.9cm.
  • The tallest players in the Final Four are Barons' Kaspars Berzins and Tartu's Brian Cusworth - both stop only after 213cm.
  • The shortest player in the Final Four is Dexia's Nate Reinking - he's only 183cm tall.
  • The oldest player is Dexia's Roger Huggins. He's 40 years, seven months and 14 days old.
  • Dexia also presents the youngest player in the Final Four - guard Alexandre Libert who's 18 years, three months and 25 days old.
  • The most international team by far is Proteas AEL. There are players who were born in nine different spots on earth on that team, including Iraq! The full list is: Cyprus, USA, France, Serbia, Croatia, Russia, Algeria, Congo and Iraq.
  • The most local club is Estonian side Tartu Rock - eight Estonians play on that team on an 11-man roster.
  • The countries with the most representatives in the Final Four are Estonia and the USA with eight players coming from each. Latvia is next with seven. Lithuania, England and Belgium are next with three each, Cyprus and France have two representatives while Serbia, Poland, Russia, Nigeria, Congo, Georgia, Croatia, Brazil, Algeria and Iraq have one.
  • Proteas' Rade Kozomara is the player who was born in Iraq. He was born there while his father was working in the country. He's Serbian and also holds a Cypriot passport as well.

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