Quotes BCMU Pitesti vs. Okapi Aalstar


Okapi player Christopher Young
"We made too many individual mistakes, they dominated us in offensive rebounds. We made too many errors in the second half, bad passes, turnovers, travelling. You cannot win a game away having 21 turnovers."

Okapi head coach Bradley Dean
"The energy made the difference. The energy that Pitesti showed on the court the whole game. It was expected that Pitesti will not go out of this competition without a win, it was the last chance to make it home, so we expected that they will play hard. We saw how good they can play on their home court, we saw the games against Paris and Mons, they are a good team and they deserved the win today."

Pitesti head coach Tudor Costescu
"I think we well deserved this win today, we grew from game to game, we raised our basketball level every game so now, it was our moment to win. I am satisfied about the way we managed to control the rhythm , they are a very athletic team and if you give them space to play, it’s very hard to win."

Pitesti player Marcel Jones
"It was a team effort, we really wanted so much to win this game tonight. We managed to play our game, to control the whole game, not as it happened in Belgium, and that was the key of the game."


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