Quotes Södertälje Kings vs. Tampereen Pyrintö


Södertälje Kings head coach Vedran Bosnic
"I am very pleased that my players executed exactly what we set out to do in both ends of the court. To keep the experienced Pyrintö team on just 68 points is a good result, which we achieved with a high level of intensity."

Södertälje Kings forward Toni Bizaca
"Our team suffered on the boards in the first half, but we managed to adjust that after the break. Thanks to our tough pre-season, we are strong also at the end of games, and that gave os the win today."

Tampereen Pyrintö head coach Ville Tuominen
"It has not happened that we score only 68. Especially our three point shooting was terrible. We were too soft on the court today and did not have the right energy. Together with bad communication in our defense when the game was to be decided, the Kings got away with the win."

Tampereen Pyrintö forward Damon Williams
"It was a good game, but the Kings made the important shots at the end and we did not. That decided the game, but we must do at better jobb on loose ball situations and not put ourselves in situations like this."


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