Quotes Fuenlabrada vs. Besiktas Milangaz

24 January 2012

Besiktas Milangaz Head Coach Ergin Ataman
"I will not make any technical assessment of the game. It is the first loss we've had in this competition. See you in Istanbul. We are going to recover the two points that we lost today and we will end as group leaders."

Baloncesto Fuenlabrada Head Coach Porfirio Fisac
"If this is a dream, then no one wake me up. I am very pleased and proud of what we did in this game. We had an extraordinary match. In addition, we played with confidence and intelligence in the last minute. In the last play, we decided to defend with no foul and it went well."

Baloncesto Fuenlabrada player Adrian Laso
"It was a good match. We had a great first half. But then they evened the score and we experienced a very intense final minute. This victory is very important to us. I am very happy with our work."


24.01.2012 - EUROCHALLENGE

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