Quotes Elan Chalon vs. Telekom Baskets

21 February 2012

Telekom Baskets Head Coach Michael Koch
"There were two aspects, Chalon was tired of their win in the Semaine des As and stayed in the same intensity. What they did tonight is because they have a lot of talent, congratulations to Chalon and Greg."

Elan Chalon Head Coach Greg Beugnot
"It is not the same team we played in Bonn, I didn't recognize it. We stayed on our energy of winning the Semaine des As but we have an important game next Friday in the league and next week in Belgium, but I am happy because my team stayed within he objective we had at the beginning."

Telekom Baskets player Talor Battle
"Chalon played hard today, they shot a lot and put inside, we stayed all the time in the back and Chalon put so much intensity in the game."

Elan Chalon player Ilian Evtimov
"It is a mental game, we need to stay focus after our win in Semaine des As, we played hard, and not thinking we are tired. We played 4 games in 5 days. We didn't let them play their game, we put our intensity."


21.02.2012 - EUROCHALLENGE

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