Quotes Telekom Baskets vs. Elan Chalon

18 January 2012
Elan Chalon head coach Gregor Beugnot

"This was a tough game with high intensity on both sides. Everybody scored but you cannot make a regret on the defense. I have to congratulate Bonn for this victory. They did everything to win the game like my team did."

Elan Chalon player Ilian Evtimov
"This was a very interesting basketball game even if we did not play defense as we wanted. We knew that Bonn is a high-scoring team. We could not make them score less. That led to one play at the end with the better end for Bonn."

Telekom Baskets Bonn head coach Michael Koch
„All fans can be proud of our team. The scoring from Chalon was unbelievable, even a good defense has problems with that. The last minutes of the game were just fight. Without our center Chris Ensminger all players had to step up and they did. Both teams played very strong but perhaps we wanted the win after this big fight a little bit more."

Telekom Baskets Bonn player Tony Gaffney
"I think we showed a lot of character today. Numerous players step up and make a big game. We fought for 40 minutes. Our fans did a great job too. They supported us the whole time. It was difficult for us to play without Chris Ensminger but the team did a very good job."


18.01.2012 - EUROCHALLENGE

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