Quotes Szolnoki Olaj vs. BK Ventspils

15 March 2012

BK Ventspils Head Coach Gundars Vetra
"Every time you lose, you are upset but you have to calm down and forget it and learn from your mistakes. It was good game in a good atmosphere."

Szolnoki Olaj Head Coach Péter Pór
"Fodor and Gay played tonight very well. That extra was key tonight. It was a good game."

BK Ventspils player Todd Abernethy
"It was a good game, great atmosphere. Fodor and Gay played well and we made some mistakes in the game."

Szolnoki Olaj player Brandon Gay
"It was a hard game. Ventspils is a good team, they play good defense and they missed some shot what we already made. That's why we won. We wanted to win and we did it."


15.03.2012 - EUROCHALLENGE

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