Quotes Atomerömü SE vs. Arkadia Traiskirchen


Peter Volgyi, coach of Atomeromu SE:
"I could only be satisfied with our defence, to keep a team under 50 points is always good at this level. We could have had a bigger margin at the end but our field goal percentage was low, and our players missed too many open shots."

Andrea Maghelli, coach of Traiskirchen Lions:
"We tried to keep the tempo low, slow the home team down but after the interval they started to make their shots. After we got behind by 15-20 points, we fell apart and Atomeromu controlled the game. Our chances of qulifying are very low now."

Lorenzo Williams, guard of Atomeromu SE:
"We did a good job, especially in defending. Our offence needs to improve. I had eight assist but still could play mutch better than today. We have a good chance of qualifying now."

Tirus Wade, power forward of Traiskirchen:
"We have a very young and inexperienced team. Our aim was to keep the opponent in a low-scoring match but we couldn't. Anything is possible in the second match if we can give our best next Tuesday." 


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